Beyond Good

It's not just beyond good, its Beyond Sushi!!!!

Ok, so sushi is hands down my favorite food, and going vegetarian for a month only confirmed that for me. I missed sushi like crazy on day one alone. I made myself avocado and mango rolls, snacked on wasabi sushi sheets and got through the month, but it was something I missed along the way. 

Beyond Sushi 2.JPG

During my first week adding fish back to my diet I stumbled across Beyond Sushi, and I was both so excited to find it and sad I had not found it sooner. This place has hands down the most amazing Vegan Sushi I have ever encountered. 

Since I am still maintaining a partial vegetarian diet I was really intrigued to try this place, and let me tell you I was so pleased! The rolls are eclectic; interesting combinations, great sauces, tons of options and the price is extremely reasonable. 

My favorites:

  • Mighty Mushroom Roll
  • Spicy Mango Roll
  • Spicy Shroom Rice Paper Wrap

I have now gone back a few times, and have recommended to friends who have loved it as well! So now I am recommending it to you; if you want to try something different, check out this place you will leave pleasantly surprised, after all there is no fish involved in this sushi. Happy FUNday Friday!!!