Workouts... Keep it Fresh

Let's face it, working out can get boring if you stick to the same routine. I for one have fallen into slumps in the past, but that is no longer the case. 

How is that you ask? Well the simple answer is I keep it fun and exciting. Working out should be just that, it shouldn't feel like a job or a task you must cross off your list. It should be something that gets you excited and motivates. 

Let's face it , going to the same gym, doing the same routine and going to the same classes gets monotonous. So find a way to make it fun!

Back in January I added CYC to my routine which I am so obsessed with I can't even bother going to classes at my gym anymore which I used to love, I do not get the same workout or general feeling as I do when at CYC. If you have yet to go, or don't want to go alone I challenge you to join me for a ride! Use this link and tell them I sent you :). I will next be at the studio Sunday at 9:30am (yup I even get up early on a weekend for this workout! Up until now I have only taken classes with Keoni and Kyle and they are amazing! This weekend I will be taking a pop up class with Amber and a ride with Devon so it will be fun to see how the other teachers motivate!

Next, I got an email about ClassPass, if you aren't familiar with the company essentially for $99 you sign up and get 10 classes to all different boutique studios around the city. I have been dying to try out CityRow as well as Brooklyn Bodyburn but the classes are around $35 a piece and I and I am in a committed relationship with CYC so its hard to splurge on other workouts. With that said, both studios are a part of ClassPass and so is CYC, so how could I not sign up?! 

What is so great is you can go to a studio up to 3x so you can try out new teachers and get a feel for the workout. I am already signed up for CityRow, CYC and Chaise Fitness Reinvention Chair Class next week and Brooklyn Bodyburn the week following! Talk about changing it up!!!

So I ask you, how do you maintain your routine? Do you find yourself bored and unmotivated? Perhaps you too should look into a ClassPass (though I have to tell you there is a waitlsit) I signed up and was only on the waitlist for 2 days, so it was worth the wait for me!

Care to join me for a class? Leave a note below and we will make it happen!