#FundayFriday - Fitness Edition Part 1

Well folks, its the end of week one since purchasing my class pass and I am happy to say I have been getting my butt kicked all over town!!!

My routine of legs, spin, yoga every three days has been kicked up quite a few notches! 

Without leaving my routine behind I have been adding in, now time to share what I checked out this week:

CityRow - While I love to spin sometimes I need to add in other forms of cardio and had been really pumped to try this class, and it did not disappoint. CityRow is a really fun way to get your heart pumping the blood flowing and the calories burning! Legs, Core, Arms is the motto of this studio and there is good reason, all three areas will be sore the next day. 

The Class is divided into sections that alternated between 6 minutes on the rower and 6 minutes on the mat. While on the rower we alternated grips, top and bottom, straight pulling back and side pulls to work the abs, we also varied from smooth rowing to sprints! The mat sections were broken down Legs (squats, lunges, dead lifts) Core (planks, crunches, mountain climbers) and Arms (bicep curls, dips, pushups). 

Final Thoughts: This class was a total body workout and I really enjoyed it. Shaun Jenkins was the instructor, he was super motivating, friendly and helpful in getting setup. The true test of how much I liked the class is will I be going back, and yes, I have already signed up for another class!

Chaise 23 - Reinvention Chair - So I totally decided to take this class thinking it would be more of a barre style workout aka little sweat but a good toning. Well I was wrong about that and boy am I glad because this class was great! I arrived 15 minutes early and was given a brief intro to the chair. From the intro alone I knew this was no easy class and I would be working hard! Not the typical cardio hard, but more the holding poses, little movements beads of sweat dripping down your face hard. 

When you walk in you are given a chair that has resistance bungee cords hanging overhead, these are used for the cardio bursts to start off class as well as for toning the arms throughout class. In addition there is also a ball under your chair which will be used to tone and burn your butt. 

The class is non-stop. We pulled onto the bungees for most of the class while doing lunges, wide plies, running in place and jumping jacks. A typical sequence for an exercise would involve doing slower repetitions, followed by fast pulsing and then holding the position for 10 seconds. The class was spent partly on the floor for the cardio bursts and partly on the chair. We did one legged lunges with one foot on the chair and the other foot pushing against the pedal. Then there was the pike where he held onto the chair with our hands, both feet placed on the pedal, and lifted our hips into the air, this is all CORE! Class finishes with abdominal work including leg lifts, teasers, and the one hundred.

This class was a total body workout and more amazing then I had imagined. Catherine Scanlon was the instructor, she was super friendly, gave me a great intro and assured me that if I struggled in class she would help out. I have to say the instructors for classes really set the tone and she set it off on the right foot and stepped it up with an amazing workout to a great playlist.  The true test of how much I liked the class is will I be going back, and yes, I have already signed up for two classes!

Stay tuned for next week's post. We will be talking Brooklyn Bodyburn!