Waste is just that...a waste!

When shopping at the farmer's market I tend to go overboard... how can one blame me when the produce is just all so amazing! After spending the weekend out of the city I came back to a fridge full of veggies that were ready to be cooked before going bad. 


With it being meatless Monday I figured this would be an easy task... a tomato, 2 zucchinis (on fresh from my father's garden), 1 squash, a giant heirloom tomato... all things I love and can cook in a jiff.

Well I decided to make the following dishes:

I chose these dishes as they are great to eat throughout the week. The soup is great alone or paired with a salad or dare I say a grilled cheese, the carrots are a great afternoon snack as well as dinner side dish, the eggplant also great alone or as a side dish, also great to use for a frittata and last zucchini linguine which is great raw or served with a piece of fish or chicken.

The point of this post is to remind you that you can make a lot out of a little and to inspire you to not let your old produce go to waste. 

Tonight when you get home, see what vegetables you have that are ending there shelf life. While making your main dinner roast the vegetables with some oil, salt and pepper and you have a side dish for dinner or some vegetables to toss into a salad for tomorrow's lunch.