ALOHA!!!!! I am in Love

Let me keep it real with you lovely readers. From time to time I am offered products to try for myself with the option to share them with my readers if I feel passionate about them. I rarely promote brands here on my blog and will occasionally make nods on products I enjoy (not that I am gifted) on my Instagram feed. Well today I am about to write to you about Aloha!

Aloha reached out to me, not to give me samples but to invite me to there office for a "snack break" they were sampling some new snack bars and to be quite honest with my line of Amazeballs I am always interested in trying similar products in the market. 

Truth be told as soon as I walked into Aloha's gorgeous office space and got talking to some of the amazing staff it wasn't long before I had a bag full of samples to try and I am not going to lie I was very intrigued, but not by the bars for me it was the protein powder, daily greens and coconut water powder that I was excited to test out. 

Having a dairy allergy I have always found it hard to find a good tasting protein that does not leave a chalky taste in your mouth and I am pleased to say Aloha has made that possible!!!! From the moment I made this bowl I knew I was in love and had to share this product. For the last month it has become a staple in my house and I am now ready to share it after I have thoroughly tested it myself. 

More exciting is not only can I share it with you but I have talked to Aloha and they are going to offer my readers 20% off of your first order... I don't know about you, but I LOVE A DEAL!!!! All you need is my code HintofGreens when you checkout and you are all set. 

In addition to the protein powders (chocolate and vanilla) I have been enjoying the daily greens. When traveling in the summer its not always that easy to grab a green juice (hello fire island get with the times!) but these packets are amazing, you can toss them in your weekend bag and have them anytime you need a boost, the berry is also great (and has also worked as a last minute cocktail mixer). 

I will be sharing some awesome recipes for smoothies both in and out of bowls, salad dressing, chia puddings, baked items and more that incorporate these awesome products bc truth be told after going meat free I have long looked for a good protein source and I am just so excited to have found one!!!

Well thats it guys, I love Aloha and I hope you do as well, by the way, I think you can get from free stuff in your first order... free items and a coupon code, happy Friday indeed!!!!