It is rare that I post anything other then recipes here, but things are changing. I have been taking time to write more for myself and coach clients, and in making these changes I have been having a calling to share more of myself with you guys. 

Last year was a tough year for me personally, we all go through things in life and it is how we deal with them that makes us stronger. For me, I decided to deal with my journey by challenging myself to do things outside of my comfort zone. Over the last 6 months I have participated in a 30 day kundalini challenge, attended networking events on my own, joined an 8 week spin challenge, danced at least once a week, made phone calls instead of sending texts, said no to things that I felt did not serve me, started a daily meditation practice and so much more.

Even as Health Coach, or Food and Mood Coach as I like to call myself, there is always growing and learning to do. I am grateful for the tough times because I know there is a path for each and every one of us, a journey we may not always understand that can at times be scary, but it all seems worth it when you can find some glimmers of light and guidance. It is up to you to find the opportunities that will make you happy and to listen to the options the universe has for you. The truth is they won't call your name but they will call your soul and it is your job to act on and receive those messages.  

One of these messages that has been calling my soul and inbox for some time is DAYBREAKER, here are the details:

WHAT IS DAYBREAKER? DAYBREAKER is a morning movement that will start your day off unlike anything else. It is about being in the here and now, surrounded by amazing people, beautiful music, and an incredible vibe. It is about dancing your face off before work and feeling gloriously healthy while doing so. It is about love, it is about mindfulness, and it is about mischief.

Well this morning I finally made my official voyage, and voyage it was because this dance party set sail on the Hornblower at 6:30am!!!! Something you may not know about me it I am NOT a morning person. As much as I try to be a morning person its just not my thing, but dancing is! So for a dance party I was up and ready to step outside my comfort zone.

Not sure what to expect I went in with no expectations and seriously had one of the best mornings I have ever had. To be in a room (or on a boat) filled with people just looking to have fun and dance could have not been a more positive way to start the day. From the moment you step foot into the event you can just feel the energy around you and it was truly magic. 

DAYBREAKER is all about positive energy, dancing to the beat of your own drum, letting loose and feeling free. So often we go out at night and feel as though we need a drink or two in order to loosen up and dance or have conversations with new people; DAYBREAKER breaks that cycle. It is a party that reminds you to be who you are, to love yourself and not be so hard on yourself. 

I truly think with one less drink, one more dance party and a smile on your face you can truly be a happier person! I challenge you this week:

  • Have one less cocktail at happy hour (I promise you are just as fun if not more fun without alcohol). 
  • Dance, I don't care where you do it or for how long you do it just close your eyes feel the beat and have fun.  
  • SMIILE, its contagious and you will feel better when you do it.

Now I leave you with this, DAYBREAKER happens once a month I believe, sign up for the newsletter, see if it resinates with you, and who knows we could be dancing together come September.