Skip The Hangover

So you made it through the holidays and New Years and back to work, but lets be honest there was likely a hangover or two involved, and many promises to yourself about never drinking that much again. How do I know this, because I have made that promise to myself also. 

This year really make that promise to yourself. I have some simple tips to help you avoid falling into that same trap, and I am not telling you to avoid your favorite cocktail or to skip out on a happy hour, I am just going to give you my tips to make it a little easier. 

1 - Set a 3 drink maximum - a few years ago I made a promise to myself that I would limit my outings to three drinks max, and if I couldn't stick to my limit then I couldn't drink at all. Well guess what, with the thought of 3 drinks or none I continue to stick to my three drinks. I have cut out the shots, and stick to cocktails that take longer to sip on.

2 - Water is your friend - alcohol dehydrates you, it leads to more frequent trips to the bathroom and an electrolyte imbalance. My trick is between each of your cocktails grab a glass of water with lemon, this will not only assist you in staying hydrated but it will also help you to not be that drunk person at the bar. 

3 - Remember you are fun! - often people tend to drink to loosen up a bit whether you are out with friends or on a date. Remember the people or person you are out with like you for who you are sober or after a few cocktails and you will like you a whole lot more when you aren't trying to piece together your night the next morning. 

It's that easy folks! This year take a vow to love yourself, and be kind to yourself, be gentle and proud of who you are. A drink will not make you a better person, in fact I can never recall a time when I or anyone else preferred to be around the drunk person. 

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.